If you are planning on becoming an online seller, you have probably done some research and you have encountered the word Shopify. In case you didn’t know, Shopify is a comprehensive web-based platform that lets business owners manage their online stores. In other words, if you still don’t have a website, you don’t have to build one from scratch and use the assistance of expensive web designer or developers.

Thanks to Shopify and other similar eCommerce solutions, you can build a website even if you don’t know programming languages. On top of that, you will get a website that will look almost exactly the same as the one you have always wanted to create. So, what makes Shopify so special? Why is eCommerce solution Shopify one of the most searched terms on the Internet?

For starters, Shopify is a completely hosted eCommerce solution. In other words, you don’t need separate site hosting, site content management system and payment integration. You have everything in one place. All you have to do is to find products/services and customers.

Next, Shopify has some of the best customer support services you can get. Running an online business can sometimes be stressful, but with their customer support, you can significantly reduce these stressful moments. They are providing chat, email and phone support – 24/7. This is especially important for those who have just started building and running their website for the first time.

Shopify is also known for its functionality. It offers a plugin/application platform which lets you download, install and customize your site/online store. You can also use it to boost your sales and optimize social media use. In addition, Shopify also allows inventory management, business reporting, and accounting.

Experienced online sellers know that you can’t expect to sell many items if you don’t market your products. This is where Shopify can help too. This eCommerce solution provider offers in-depth data analysis and marketing tools. For example, it gives you a chance to make content to promote your services and products. You can also use it to create effective landing pages. Consider this opportunity because it has proven to be effective when you use tools like Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords.

As you can see, Shopify is a very useful eCommerce solution that can be used by experienced and beginner online sellers looking for a way to manage a small, mid-sized or even a large business.